Wednesday 9 May 2018

Domestic Bulk SMS Price Hike From 15 May 2018

Understand the Industry Cycle:

Customers/you are paying for SMS Credits he/she purchased, and we/SMS Companies are paying to operators(vodfone, idea, airtel, etc) what is actually consumed from our all customers on monthly postpaid basis.
(Note:we had put lacs of security deposit for postpaid having slab wise rates for consumed sms.)

Now the case is we offered you price as per our old purchase rate with very thin margin but we will have to pay more aprx 35% whenever you/customers will send sms after 15th may 2018 because of this price hike.

Our old purchase rate was 9 to 12 paisa/sms and we offered you 12 to 23 paisa/sms as per Qty & type..

Now let say our new purchase rate will be 14 paisa/sms + GST
so when ever you/customer will use sms after 14th May, for each sms we have to pay 14 paisa/sms + GST but.. 
might be possible that we already sold those sms below 14 paisa or around 14 paisa/sms

So we will be in big loss Due to Sudden Price Hike..

Now we have 2 options:
1)we will Re-adjust Unused SMS Credits : Deduction 25% of remaining balance.
Please note that price hike is up to 30% but we just deduct 25% with our loss for better customer relationship.

2)Customer/you have to pay the difference amount as per new price

-This is not for only DynaSoft or particular Company/Operator but the price hike and following procedure is common for all companies & all telecom operators.

-Please check quotation we always mentioned that your sms credits are subject to change as per telecom operator/TRAI price hike.

Reason Behind the Issue:
You already are aware that the telecom Industry in India is facing tough competition and going through a tough phase with a few operators winding their Businesses and the others facing huge losses and doing mergers. 

For the past few months, the telecom operators were continuously finding out ways to Increase their revenue sources and have finally planned to revised the SMS rates for Application to Person (A2P) traffic. They have Notified us that the Prices are going to Increase from 15th May,2018. However we still don't have a clear idea about the percentage Increase in Price, but it is expected to increase upto 35 %.

We look forward for positive support from you. We will keep you posted about the Rate hike Information as and when we get communication from the operators.

So it is our humble request you to use/send sms as much as you can before 14th may 2018

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