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SEO tips For Video Continues:Video for Ranking Approach

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As per our discussion in last blog here I am explaining 1st Propose to make videos:

Approch1: Video for Ranking, Rich Snippets and Conversions
Many SEOs want to increase ranking and click through rate with rich snippets in the organic SERPs, while improving conversions with a beautifully designed video that shows off their product in it’s best light.


Include the videos on a page targeting a term likely to receive a video rich snippet 

Anything with shopping results, local results or a high proportion of PPC will invariably be off-limits; but there will be high volume search queries around any niche, that return video results. Amongst others, any terms including the following keywords invariably return these rich snippets:
how to
what is

Ensure your videos are being built into a page where there are a variety of other media types: Include only one video per page

Just make sure to keep the bitrates low when exporting your videos to avoid huge bandwidth costs if you are self hosting; using either your own servers, or a cloud solution such as Amazon S3 is fine.

I generally recommend that If you want to rank with a rich snippet and improve your domain's overall ranking - you do not put your videos on YouTube. While YouTube videos occasionally provide rich snippets for the domains they are embedded on in the organic SERPs, frequently the YouTube domain will rank instead and it’s currently not as sure-fire a way to achieve a rich snippet as securely hosting the content, submitting a video XML sitemap and implementing schema mark-up. A free Vimeo account is best avoided for the same reasons.


Ensure the content cannot be embedded outside of your own domain

Embed the content with HTML5 and JavaScript or Flash, but not an iframe

Video Sitemap

Submit a video XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools.


Content Type


Google seem to be relatively agnostic about the length of a video with regard to ranking - though it’s rare to see < 30 second videos generating rich snippets. If you’re aiming to convert consumer purchases off the back of your video, keeping it as short and to the point as possible is preferable.



If you’re building commercially focused content, then it’s important to remember that product videos are not ads. If a user has visited your site, then they already have partial buy in - so you do not need to hard sell them the virtues of a product or service, meaning the videos should be broadly informative in nature. Imagine that someone has walked into your physical store and you now have the job of selling this product to them.


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