Thursday, 14 February 2013

how to get more links for videos:SEO tips For Videos Continues


As per our discussion in Second last blog here I am explaining 2nd Propose to make videos:"Get More Links For videos"

Many SEO oftenly link to videos in two different ways –
1st is they either link to the page that the video was on
2nd is they embed the content on their own site/blog.
The technical approach here does not differ significantly from the approach for getting rankings and conversions, but is more an augmentation of that implementation - suitable for content which people are likely to share and embed.


As with all bits of link bait, put the content somewhere visible, with good internal linking structure

Ensure the content is embedded in a nice large frame on the page (640px by 360px is normally good) and isn’t tucked away in corner, where it will be ignored by a passing visitor.

Customise an iframe embed code for users to embed your content


Self-host the content or use a third party solution

The approach here is the same as that for getting results and rich snippets; but it’s even more imperative that you don’t put the content on YouTube or Vimeo, as embedded and shared videos will then only link back to the YouTube/Vimeo domain, rather than your own.

Include social share buttons next to the video player


Embed the content in HTML5 and JavaScript or Flash, but not an iframe

Allow the video to be embedded anywhere


Create a CNAME  for your video files

If you are self hosting, you will probably have already done this - but some third party hosting solutions allow you to white label their products and create a CNAME alias - which can be used to make sure all links to a video file in an embed code reference a branded subdomain. This way you can ensure any embedded content links back to you twice; once to reference the video file and once with an attribution link to a page which you can specify.


Content Type

To be link worthy, video content doesn't necessarily have to be exciting or flashy. People will link to and embed useful resources as much as they will cute cat videos. If you have a particularly tight budget - build some software tutorials

Below are some examples of content styles which work well for this "video as linkbait" approach:

Video infographic:

Crowd sourced fan film:



Video Sitemap

Create and submit a video sitemap per the ranking, rich snippets and conversion model


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