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The Do’s & Don’ts of SEO 2013:Latest SEO Tips

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Another year passed when search engine optimization shares the highest attention from tech-geeks and businesses. With the fast-growing e-commerce and B2B market, there is no alternative left for the online businesses and webmaster other than resorting to SEO experts. The latest update in Penguin and Panda seems confusing to many SEO Persons and thus they incur some serious mistakes that may harm your web based business and brand image badly. And this is where the experienced SEO professionals distinguish themselves from greenhorns.

If you are new to SEO, there are some crucial things you must learn before hiring an SEO professional or consultant. I’ve enlisted the top Do’s and Don’ts in SEO to ensure a profitable 2013.

I recommend you to first know what are "Don'ts "

The Don’ts…
  • Don’t use the same title and Meta tag description on every web page. Write different title and description for every page, so search engine spiders can easily recognize the hierarchy of your website.
  • Don’t forget to add a site map on your website. Without a sitemap, search engine can’t index your web pages and rank your website.
  • Instead of incorporating only general keywords, use more specific and relevant keywords that your niche may use while looking for your products or services over the internet. This will save you from the cut-throat competition of a common keyword and chop down the bounce rate.
  • One of the most severe and most common mistakes done by people is they overflow their content with the keywords. This will not only make the content look like scrap, but it will make the search engines demote the ranking of your website. Place the right density of keywords in a way that the content becomes meaningful and interesting to read.
  • SEO tactics have reached at the top in business marketing and branding strategies. If you want to save a large amount in implementing best SEO practices, it is recommended to hire SEO professional in India. Don’t wait too long to hire them, else your competitors may leave you in the lurch.

 The Do’s…

  • The titles and sub-titles are something that catches the readers’ attention first. So, they must be very creative and unique, original at the same time. A meaningful and attention-grabbing title of the blog or article can entice the online readers to read the rest of the post.
  • Make sure the content you publish is worth reading and includes the essential SEO keywords. Choose the topics that interest your targeted audience the most.
  • Rather focusing on only one search engine – Google, it is wise to optimize your website performance on all search engines.
  • If possible, add the primary keyword in the heading and subheadings of the content. This will make it scannable for search engines as well as readers. So, they will be able to decide quickly if they want to go on reading or not.
  • Websites that keep updating content are more preferred by readers and search engines. So, make sure you keep providing fresh content to your targeted audience. This will help you maintain as well as increase the traffic to your website
  • One Page should have one H1 tag only..
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The time has arrived when hiring an SEO Consultant is a must in order to keep your products or services visible on the World Wide Web. SEO professional India due to its proven track-record, cost-effectiveness and unparalleled expertise has become the first choice of businesses worldwide

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