Wednesday 23 January 2013

Latest SEO News:What should we do with the recent panda algorithm update has been live?

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As 2013 unfolded, the entire SEO world was anticipating about the first Google algorithm update for the 2013. Now it turns out that the first update is a Panda Refresh which has its effect on 1.2% of the total English queries. With the official tweet from Google, the first algorithm update for the year is marked. Here is the original tweet from google:

Remember that day when Google Panda scared everyone in the web marketing world back in February 2011? The first panda update was like a major earthquake; however the aftershocks which kept appearing in the form of data refreshes are not even noticed nowadays as they have become too common (this is the 3rd month in a row where we have seen panda refreshes).Whenever there is an algorithm update, everyone head to the analytics of their website to see if there were any changes in traffic. However, most of them fail to see the trend changes in third-party sites they have used for link building.
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